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A call to develop character over more academic gain

One of the many reasons cited by parents as influencing their decision to home educate is their concern over the narrow focus of the curriculum in school on purely academic outcomes. Many feel that this neglects the wider education of … Continue reading

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Is schooling the best we can do?

We tend to accept school as the only form of educational provision. It’s certainly what we’re used to. But is it really the best way to help our children develop? Over ten years home educating, and roughly the same teaching … Continue reading

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How difficult is it, really?

The fuss we make about it, the complication of league tables, testing, inspecting, examining, the administration and the processing it has become, we tend to think of education as difficult. That without schools, schemes, strategies, timetables, SATs, curriculum, teachers, hierarchies … Continue reading

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A practical guide to tutoring your children yourself, at home

Many parents don’t spend too much time worrying about homework or tutoring until their child shows signs of lagging behind at school. Yet new research suggests that from the time children are babies, it is important to talk and read to them, … Continue reading

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Ten lessons we can learn from Home schoolers’ achievements

We are told that kids need schooling to become educated. But do they? Through my experiences both teaching in schools and home educating, interacting with many others doing the same, it’s apparent that this is not necessarily the case. It’s … Continue reading

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Chaos in the world of flexischooling

Between home education and full-time school is the world of flexischooling. This seemingly sensible compromise has been ideal for some families for numerous reasons, including a child with special needs or one recovering from illness. It means, in practice, some … Continue reading

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