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The stars that shined after failing at school

Rapper Plan B recently hit out at schools and business for letting youngsters down. He believes there’s not enough support for kids that fail at education, leaving them to fend for themselves. In some respects he was lucky. After being … Continue reading

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School Snapchat bans are a waste of time

If you aren’t on Snapchat, then the chances are the first thing you learn about it is via shocking headlines warning of “bullying threats” and “sexting dangers”. Snapchat is the social network that lets you send pictures and videos to … Continue reading

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Help! My teenager’s in love – advice for parents

It doesn’t seem five minutes since you were aww-ing at your precious little one holding hands with another tot at nursery. Now, though, they’re in secondary school and they’re holding hands again, but this time it’s serious. Despite knowing that … Continue reading

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Will Independence for Scotland make a difference in education?

Scotland has long taken pride in its education system, long before this current Independence referendum was even a twinkle in the Nationalists’ eyes. When the Church of Scotland was founded in 1560 and not long after it set out to … Continue reading

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Top self-help books for teenagers

I don’t know about you, but my bookshelves are full of ‘improving’ volumes, many of which have taught be valuable lessons and which I still refer to.  I enjoy having so much wisdom at my fingertips – even if I … Continue reading

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It’s Anti-Bullying Week, how can we make a difference?

Anti-Bullying Week throws the spotlight on the activities of the Anti-Bullying Alliance, a coalition of organisations and individuals that work together to stop bullying and create safe environments for children and young people.  This year, the Anti-Bullying Week focus is … Continue reading

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Is Miley Cyrus a danger to our kids?

A leading headteacher recently claimed Miley Cyrus’ raunchy image was damaging to teenage girls. She claims young women are “manipulated and confused” by the mixed messages from the controversial star. Talking about Miley’s transformation from clean-cut Hannah Montana to raunchy … Continue reading

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The trouble with snooping on your kids online…

Is you might find your computer-savvy youngster is more than a step ahead of you. The modern world with instant global communication and web-enabled devices is increasingly difficult for parents to navigate. Of course, we want to protect our children … Continue reading

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Gaelic education in Scotland: money well spent or not?

The teaching of Gaelic is on the up – with another new primary school, this time in Edinburgh, having opened its doors this term. Now several thousand Scottish children enjoy Gaelic medium education (all classes in Gaelic with English as … Continue reading

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What to do when your child wants to learn to code?

My son has long announced his intention to create computer games when he grows up. And for a while I treated it the same way as his little brother’s desire to be a cowboy or a rocket driver… nice idea, … Continue reading

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