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Tutorhub’s top 10 ways to find a private tutor

The past decade has seen a real boom in the home tutoring trade; despite the worldwide recession, parents are spending more on personalised tuition. Education charity, the Sutton Trust, reveal that while some 18 per cent of children in the UK received … Continue reading

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The trouble with snooping on your kids online…

Is you might find your computer-savvy youngster is more than a step ahead of you. The modern world with instant global communication and web-enabled devices is increasingly difficult for parents to navigate. Of course, we want to protect our children … Continue reading

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Using Skype for online tutoring: have you considered the risks?

Debate has been growing recently about the wisdom of online tutoring being conducted via Skype. It’s a great tool but I wonder how many people – students, their parents and tutors alike – have given much thought to the range … Continue reading

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Stay safe online with Tutorhub’s useful set of tips

Staying safe when using the Internet and social networks is a multi-faceted issue that needs to be tackled from various perspectives. Parents and children alike can be vulnerable to a wide variety of risks, including bullying, phishing, theft and exploitation. To keep … Continue reading

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How can you protect your children from attacks by internet trolls?

The stories lately have been shocking. A few weeks ago 14-year-old Hannah Smith, from Lutterworth, took her own life after being bullied by trolls on the internet. Her father says he had no idea she was suffering until he found … Continue reading

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Golly, teachers’ unions seek to improve conditions

Golly shock horror – teachers’ unions seek to improve working conditions for staff. The injunction to ‘Grow up and use some common sense!’ is depressingly typical of a political culture which seeks to demonise unions as irresponsible. It is all too … Continue reading

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New DBS checks replace CRB’s – a summary of the changes

It was highly publicised child murder and abuse cases such as the murder of two pupils, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman by a school caretaker that led to the establishment and development of the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB), covering England and … Continue reading

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How to tell if your child is having problems at school

It’s perfectly natural that at some point or another, most kids will go through a problematic period at school. As they hit secondary level, the impact of moving into the more challenging, both academically and socially, can generate problems, worries, … Continue reading

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Informality in the classroom – Is it a good or bad thing?

I was talking to my friend’s little sister this morning, aged 17, about her experience in her current sixth form on the Isle of Wight. Above other things, what specifically stood out about her conversation, was her annoyance at her … Continue reading

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Internet safety: Sensible advice from a policeman

So it was the internet safety talk to parents and a few of us – maybe 30 from a possible 300 – made it out to the high school theatre. Not an impressive turnout. Especially once the talk started, it … Continue reading

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