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An invitation from The Tutors’ Association

Some interesting news for our tutoring community. The Tutors’ Association (TTA), a new representative body for tutors is being launched on Tuesday 8th October, 2013. So what’s the TTA about? In the words of its Chairman Tom Maher “Our purpose in the … Continue reading

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Should schoolchildren be taught every subject, even if it’s not in their chosen field?

Remember your school days? Recently the BBC revealed the results of some research about adults recalling nasty school pranks from their childhood, ranging from Chinese burns to being tripped up in the playground.  Perhaps the research was intended as some … Continue reading

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Should we be worried about science lessons?

How do you remember science lessons at school? Mine were mostly fun – how about yours? If you are passionate about science, you may have been worried about an article published by the BBC recently highlighted a potential danger in schools … Continue reading

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What to do when your child wants to learn to code?

My son has long announced his intention to create computer games when he grows up. And for a while I treated it the same way as his little brother’s desire to be a cowboy or a rocket driver… nice idea, … Continue reading

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World university rankings: A cause for celebration?

Recently the annual QS World University rankings were announced.  It’s a rare chance for us in the UK to look at where we stand and how we shape up against some of the top institutions out there. The United States … Continue reading

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Tutorhub: who we are, where we are and where we are going

“So, what’s Tutorhub about and where is it going?” is a question I hear regularly from students and tutors alike. It’s a natural question to ask when signing up to any new website, let alone one focused on the world … Continue reading

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Tutorhub mentioned in the Financial Times

Things have been really busy here at Tutorhub Towers following the start of the new school term in September. But we always make time to talk to the Press, particularly when we are asked for our opinions on education in … Continue reading

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Stay safe online with Tutorhub’s useful set of tips

Staying safe when using the Internet and social networks is a multi-faceted issue that needs to be tackled from various perspectives. Parents and children alike can be vulnerable to a wide variety of risks, including bullying, phishing, theft and exploitation. To keep … Continue reading

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Too much, too soon? When should children start school?

There’s a new campaign being launched by the Save Childhood Movement to raise awareness of the dangers of children starting formal education too soon, which has been covered by today’s BBC news. It’s supported by 127 educational experts, a senior lecturer … Continue reading

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