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Out at school – it’s not a happy ending yet for gay kids

This week we’ve learned about a school that has “welcomed” an openly gay pupil as head boy. Will Emery was voted into the role by his peers at Brighton College. The head teacher Richard Cairns said sexuality was a “non-issue”, … Continue reading

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Parents with disabilities: the support out there to help you and your child

Defining a ‘disabled parent’ can be a difficult task indeed. Many impairments change in nature, their impact can vary depending on an individual’s circumstances and some impairments come and go. A person with a chronic illness may be unable to … Continue reading

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Top ten weird and wacky university societies

Once you get to university there will be the opportunity to sign up for societies that reflect your interests and pursuits.  A time to meet like-minded people with similar hobbies and interests, passions and devotions. That is, until you’ve read … Continue reading

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Can you be clever if you Home School?

I’m asking this because of a comment someone made to me recently; “We met some home schooled kids the other day…they seemed so clever”. It was the surprise in their voice that was amusing. Because they’d clearly made the common, … Continue reading

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Online tutoring – all your questions answered

It’s only natural to wonder if tutoring works and ask whether online tutoring is as good as sitting down face-to-face with a tutor. This blog post is designed to shed light on the world of tutoring and give you the facts you … Continue reading

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Summer holiday tuition for your children? Approach with caution…

So what happens during a kid’s summer holidays?  Well, I’m sure there’s time for a game or two of football with the lads, a chance to catch up with friends and getting on with some of that rotten homework that … Continue reading

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Results day blues? Grades not what you were expecting?

Exam results are on their way for pupils ranging from GCSE students to the A Level candidates. For many, results will shape futures and open up opportunities.  For many it is also the realisation of hard work and the success … Continue reading

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Writing a personal statement? Avoid these simple blunders and get your offer…

Last year, there were 656,000 pupils applying to UCAS with the aim of going to university or a higher education college.  All very exciting stuff, you’d think… Trouble is, it can be an utter nightmare to get it right and … Continue reading

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Holidays: 4 reasons they enhance education

School holiday time and it seems inevitable that once you have children your life is governed by those school term times and holidays. Not if you home school though, for life and learning become quite integrated. And the longer our … Continue reading

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Vice-Chancellors: are their salaries and perks justified?

Students, universities, staff, PR… Who runs it all? When it comes to the hierarchy in universities today, generally the highest one could ever achieve is the role of the Vice-Chancellor.  Often considered to be at (or very near) the height … Continue reading

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