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Custom-written essay services are plagiarism: Don’t risk being caught!

(The prices/offers of Custom-Written Essay Services detailed in this article are for informational purposes only.  I do not condone or recommend the use of such offers and accept no responsibility for those who choose to.) Students are put under a … Continue reading

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The student life: enjoying life and getting the results you deserve

Ah yes, the student lifestyle.  Long the stereotype of many, the way of life of a student is probably the most famous – or notorious – part of university.  I had a vague idea of what to expect when I … Continue reading

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How much does it really cost to educate a child?

It’s really difficult to prise accurate figures out of government about their budgets for each child in school. One average very roughly worked out suggests that it requires £3 – 4000 per annum for each child in school. But does … Continue reading

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Should we be worried about advertising in secondary schools?

A few weeks ago I blogged about the NUS’s call to arms as it looks to recruit UK Universities into backing its new campaign to ban advertising from payday loan companies on campuses across the UK. A ongoing wider debate on the … Continue reading

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University assignments – get them right, for good

Assignments. They’re awarded two titles in the eyes of students nowadays. Firstly, they’re the bane of student life. Secondly, they are your module tutor’s best friend, for many tutors and coordinators really hate the fuss of end-of-year exams when they … Continue reading

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Poor student at university? 5 tips to get budgeting right

Perhaps people get the wrong idea about students.  There’s maybe the assumption that students are horrifically poor and live off a diet of beans, toast and cheap vodka. , I am delighted to tell you that this stereotype is somewhat unfounded. … Continue reading

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Lunchbox ban is a few sandwiches short of a picnic

Once again the powers that be have marched into the dining hall. This time it’s to suggest that packed lunches should be banned in the interests of improving the health of our youngsters – half of whom are obese by … Continue reading

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The Tutors Association – what private tutors think

In May 2013, the Centre for Market Reform of Education launched a consultation on its plans for a new national association for tutors, their aim is to develop industry standards and improve the consistency of the private tutoring market. This process concluded … Continue reading

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Online tutoring: a Do It Yourself guide for tutors

I have been asked many times by tutors for advice on setting up their own online tutoring business, and getting the technology right. This blog post provides a simple Do It Yourself Guide For Tutors setting out the choices and options … Continue reading

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How to Get the Results, Without the Stress

Most students are dying to get the answer to the ultimate question – How do I get great exam results, without the added stress, and the long hours? It’s a tough question that has had students puzzled for years. How does … Continue reading

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