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One-to-one tuition, the personality test.

We all had that favourite teacher at school, the one that we’ll remember for the rest of our lives because they really captured our imagination and inspired us with their passion for their subject, the one that makes us all … Continue reading

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Residential school trips – are they worth it?

My son came home a few weeks after starting high school excitedly clutching a printed sheet headed RESIDENTIAL ACTIVITIES MAY 2012. The dog-eared state suggested it had been given much attention, as did the breathless way he discussed the contents. … Continue reading

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Online tutoring, does it really work?

Online tutoring, does it really work? I must admit I was skeptical; being called in to help with the launch of Tutorhub I had my doubts about whether anyone would really want help from someone on the other side of … Continue reading

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How to make sense of the jargon in a school timetable

I don’t even understand my son’s new school timetable – what does it all mean? I know that going to secondary school would be a huge change for my son – after all, once upon a time, I was a … Continue reading

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Private tuition: building confidence or creating lazy students?

As a tutor I’ve always found that there is a fine line to be trodden between being the person that enables the student to gain greater confidence and skill in their studies and being the person that is relied upon … Continue reading

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