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Can Online Learning combat rurality?

After my recent musing on how VLE’s could signal the death knell for the snow day, I got to thinking about the other ways in which the internet can help overcome some of the challenges facing education. So picture the … Continue reading

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What worries parents most?

Research carried out by The National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations has shown that low-level disruption and bullying are top of the class when it comes to parents’ worries about their kids education. The exclusive research is a couple of years old … Continue reading

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All hail the tutor

Wading through the Wall Street Journal archives yesterday (don’t ask why) and I come across a bizarre article that might turn the heads of some of our tutors. In Hong Kong, it seems tutoring has been taken to whole new levels. It’s … Continue reading

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Will Virtual Learning Environments put an end to the ‘snow day’?

Quite interested last week to read the swathes of tweets about what everyone’s been up to on the recent snow days. More curious to see many schools and teachers tweeting about how they’re using VLE’s to set and mark work … Continue reading

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Tutorhub in the press

Nice to see Tutorhub getting some air-time in the local Bristol Evening Post recently. Still early days here but happy to see we’re heading in the right direction judging from feedback so far. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts – … Continue reading

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The shocking truth about Maths

So I’m reading today that tests have shown a small electric shock to the brain can ‘boost maths ability’. Scientists at Oxford University used a one milliamp current to stimulate specific parts of the brain whilst testing subjects on mathematical … Continue reading

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Here we snow again…

Sorry about that. There’s nothing quite like the look on a childs face when, bleary eyed, they throw open the curtains, wipe the mist from a cloudy window and peer out into a world under a white blanket. And realise it’s a … Continue reading

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