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How can children learn autonomously?

Many parents who home school use an autonomous approach to their children’s learning. It can be quite hard to understand how this could possibly work if you’re used to school, where children have no choice in the activities set to … Continue reading

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Tutorhub’s top 10 ways to find a private tutor

The past decade has seen a real boom in the home tutoring trade; despite the worldwide recession, parents are spending more on personalised tuition. Education charity, the Sutton Trust, reveal that while some 18 per cent of children in the UK received … Continue reading

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Discover a world of learning with our favourite education blogs

The more you delve into the fascinating world of education, the more exciting it becomes – educators across the UK are dreaming up new, creative ways to awaken students to the joys of learning through strategies like student-negotiated learning, critical … Continue reading

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Private tutoring: the pros and cons of getting some extra help

Tutoring works, so it’s little wonder that private tutoring is so popular these days. Studies indicate that it can comfortably move a student one and a half grades. This could mean moving a student from a low D to a good C, … Continue reading

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Help your child achieve their maximum potential as a Gifted and Talented pupil

Gifted and talented students often have a tough time in our education system. One parent told me that ‘the biggest challenge is keeping the child inspired and motivated within an educational system that more often than not lets them down’. … Continue reading

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Don’t let special educational needs be a barrier to successful learning

Parents of children with special needs know the importance of collaboration when it comes to education. Regardless of whether their child has visual, auditory or other impairments, from the very beginning, parents will count on advice and care from professionals, … Continue reading

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So how do I apply to university? Tutorhub looks at the UCAS system

Summer has come and gone, A Level results are released, dreams are realised or broken.  And so the carousel that is university admissions starts all over again. 558,000 students applied for university in the most recent cycle.  As universities adjust … Continue reading

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Help support a blind child in their learning with our useful tips

Once your child has been tested and diagnosed as blind or partially sighted, your lifelong journey towards enriching his/her knowledge base, meeting the professionals and organisations that can help, and taking helpful administrative steps (like obtaining a Certificate of Visual Impairment and/or … Continue reading

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A practical guide to tutoring your children yourself, at home

Many parents don’t spend too much time worrying about homework or tutoring until their child shows signs of lagging behind at school. Yet new research suggests that from the time children are babies, it is important to talk and read to them, … Continue reading

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My Top 5 Favourite Revision Techniques

It’s always useful to hear the techniques other people use for exam-prep, especially if you’re not so sure what techniques work best for you! It’s important to keep in mind that different revision techniques work best for different types of … Continue reading

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