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Summer holiday tuition for your children? Approach with caution…

So what happens during a kid’s summer holidays?  Well, I’m sure there’s time for a game or two of football with the lads, a chance to catch up with friends and getting on with some of that rotten homework that … Continue reading

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Holidays: 4 reasons they enhance education

School holiday time and it seems inevitable that once you have children your life is governed by those school term times and holidays. Not if you home school though, for life and learning become quite integrated. And the longer our … Continue reading

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Golly, teachers’ unions seek to improve conditions

Golly shock horror – teachers’ unions seek to improve working conditions for staff. The injunction to ‘Grow up and use some common sense!’ is depressingly typical of a political culture which seeks to demonise unions as irresponsible. It is all too … Continue reading

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Teacher unions asking for a maximum temperature? Grow up and use some common sense!

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) and the NASUWT both renewed calls the other week for the government to impose legal limits on the maximum temperature that classrooms should operate.  Temperatures in school classrooms have been reaching 32 degrees in … Continue reading

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Tips for students – things to do this summer holiday

You’ve finished your exams, you’ve thrown your papers in the air, stripped yourself of your school uniform and now you’re ready for a long summer break of no studying and no school. … So, what now? It may appear appealing … Continue reading

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