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Top self-help books for teenagers

I don’t know about you, but my bookshelves are full of ‘improving’ volumes, many of which have taught be valuable lessons and which I still refer to.  I enjoy having so much wisdom at my fingertips – even if I … Continue reading

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Is it really a school’s place to teach kids about pornography and sex?

It’s not exactly the easiest subject to talk about, it? Regardless of your target audience we aren’t really talking about a conversation about the other parts of life you learn about in schools. I mean, you would worry that a … Continue reading

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Failing education systems: a closer look at the UK and France

For all the complaining we do about some of the issues in the British education system, you’d think we have it rough. Perhaps we do – I guess it partially depends on your political interests/affiliation.  On one side you have … Continue reading

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Are Schools right to police their students’ social media accounts?

We recently wrote about the rights and wrongs of parents snooping on their children online. But how do you feel about their Schools snooping on them too? It may shock you to read that a high school in California decided to … Continue reading

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Top Tips: How to succeed as a mature student

Whether you have decided to pursue your GCSEs, A Levels, Degree or vocational qualifications as a mature age student, you are probably both excited and slightly daunted by the prospect of fulfilling a dream you have been harbouring for years. … Continue reading

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Top Tips: Coping when your offspring go to University

For most parents, the time they get to enjoy their children flashes in the blink of an eye. Who can’t recall when they were babies – the seemingly endless, sleepless nights, their first words, milestones and memories? Throughout their childhood … Continue reading

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English students: What kind of opportunities do you have?

When we think of English as a subject, I’m sure one thinks of Shakespeare, Chaucer and many famous writers, poets and novels.  In one way or another, English forms a large part of secondary education, from poetry anthologies to analysing … Continue reading

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Where is the education in all this Christmas craft?

Christmas is a time when children will be doing lots of creative activities. Some parents worry that this is of little educational benefit and they should instead be working at more academic things. But few understand that many vital skills … Continue reading

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A different perspective on learning – insights from a Home Educator

The educational views of families who’ve been home educating for a long time really challenge our traditional assumptions about education. One parent has been doing so for twenty five years and I had the opportunity to ask her about it. … Continue reading

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Students: Know what’s what when it comes to student accommodation

Ah yes, student accommodation… We all have different images in our head when it comes to student living. On one side you’ve got what I would call ‘the stereotypical view’ – that which you may have heard from your parents. … Continue reading

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