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Latin at primary school – bring it on

Education Undersecretary Elizabeth Truss has just announced that all seven-year-olds in England will learn a foreign language – possibly Latin or ancient Greek. As a harassed parent who has to coax her 13-year-old son into doing his much-hated French homework, I … Continue reading

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10 things to consider when deciding if a private school is for you

The cost of private education is now at such a level that some parents, particularly those with more than one child, are beginning to consider how and when it is best to invest and when it might make sense to … Continue reading

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What’s the point of homework?

“Have you done your homework?” It’s amazing how many hearts – parents and children – sink at this seemingly innocuous question. In this house, we’ve been through phases where those innocent words have signalled an evening from hell. Reluctant children bent … Continue reading

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