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Are the cracks beginning to show in university pay?

Another day, another threatened or confirmed strike in the education sector. It’s almost like nothing is new, or that people seem content to argue all the time.  Ultimately it causes disruption all over the place and is a huge inconvenience … Continue reading

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A practical guide to tutoring your children yourself, at home

Many parents don’t spend too much time worrying about homework or tutoring until their child shows signs of lagging behind at school. Yet new research suggests that from the time children are babies, it is important to talk and read to them, … Continue reading

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The trouble with snooping on your kids online…

Is you might find your computer-savvy youngster is more than a step ahead of you. The modern world with instant global communication and web-enabled devices is increasingly difficult for parents to navigate. Of course, we want to protect our children … Continue reading

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My Top 5 Favourite Revision Techniques

It’s always useful to hear the techniques other people use for exam-prep, especially if you’re not so sure what techniques work best for you! It’s important to keep in mind that different revision techniques work best for different types of … Continue reading

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How a school phobic ended up with a First

Some of the children we home schooled with have graduated from Uni now. One of my friends was talking to me lately about her son. Right back when he was six and a half he was almost school phobic which … Continue reading

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There’s a financial cost to raising kids, but just how much?

When we find out that we’re about to become parents for the first time, the last thing that is probably on our minds, is exactly how much our new bundle of joy is going to set us back. Having a … Continue reading

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Supporting not the poorest or brightest, but the richest: the disgraceful change in higher education funding

A few months back the government announced that the schools budget in England was to be protected from any cuts.  This was part of a wider plan to expand the education system in the country: The education budget for schools … Continue reading

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Why do some teachers cheat?

Those of you with an interest in teaching may have seen a very interesting article which popped up recently in the Guardian about teachers feeling under enough pressure to ‘inflate’ grades given to pupils by their Local Education Authority (LEA). Public … Continue reading

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Ten lessons we can learn from Home schoolers’ achievements

We are told that kids need schooling to become educated. But do they? Through my experiences both teaching in schools and home educating, interacting with many others doing the same, it’s apparent that this is not necessarily the case. It’s … Continue reading

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Looking for a tutor? Three great questions to ask when selecting a tutor

It is estimated that there are over 1 million tutors in the UK, that’s quite a surprising number as it’s more than twice as many as the number of teachers in British schools. Given the large number of tutors out … Continue reading

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