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Should schoolchildren be taught every subject, even if it’s not in their chosen field?

Remember your school days? Recently the BBC revealed the results of some research about adults recalling nasty school pranks from their childhood, ranging from Chinese burns to being tripped up in the playground.  Perhaps the research was intended as some … Continue reading

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Writing a personal statement? Avoid these simple blunders and get your offer…

Last year, there were 656,000 pupils applying to UCAS with the aim of going to university or a higher education college.  All very exciting stuff, you’d think… Trouble is, it can be an utter nightmare to get it right and … Continue reading

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University sport is excellent – we just need to get it out there for all to see!

What image do you get in your head when I use the phrase “US College Sports”? I get grand images of packed 70,000+ seater stadiums across the country, College Football, marching bands, the dashing 20 year old Quarterback staging the … Continue reading

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The student life: enjoying life and getting the results you deserve

Ah yes, the student lifestyle.  Long the stereotype of many, the way of life of a student is probably the most famous – or notorious – part of university.  I had a vague idea of what to expect when I … Continue reading

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Join a club and give your career a boost

Does your school have a lot of extra-curricular activities on offer? Most do. My son’s school has a huge list of sports alone. And for kids who don’t like getting sweaty, there is music, drama, science, films, debating and, even, … Continue reading

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