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What is an EBacc and why is everyone talking about them?

What is an EBacc? It’s a proposed new educational qualification, called English Baccalaureate Certificate in full. It is going to replace the GCSEs in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. But EBacc sounds familiar? The term has been used for the … Continue reading

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They explained it twice and I still don’t get it

What was the subject that confused you the most when you were at school? For me it was Physics – I just didn’t get it. I was okay at Maths and to this day, I can’t fathom out why Physics … Continue reading

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Four things parents should look for in a new tutor

Being a parent and running both an online tutoring and face to face tutoring business means that I am regularly asked what makes a good tutor and what a parent should look for. There are four things that are vital. … Continue reading

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What to do if secondary school is making your child miserable.

It all seemed so exciting back at the end of primary school, with open days, visits and talks of wearing safety glasses in the science labs. However, the big day has come and gone and we’re a week or so … Continue reading

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I don’t feel like I can ask questions in my class

Getting children through school is a challenge, no parent will tell you any different. You want them to have a wonderful childhood, become well balanced and successful. You want the very best for your child. But schooling is a process … Continue reading

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I Need my Marks Now, Not Next Month!

Ever handed your papers in on time, but haven’t received marks for them in over a month? I have, and apparently alot of other university students have the same problem. This weird university phenomenon is probably the one thing that … Continue reading

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