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Don’t let special educational needs be a barrier to successful learning

Parents of children with special needs know the importance of collaboration when it comes to education. Regardless of whether their child has visual, auditory or other impairments, from the very beginning, parents will count on advice and care from professionals, … Continue reading

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Help support a deaf child with this handy set of tips

If you have just discovered that your child is deaf or hard of hearing, you can easily feel at a loss as to what steps to take to ensure they have an optimal learning experience. Some 90% of all parents … Continue reading

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Help support a blind child in their learning with our useful tips

Once your child has been tested and diagnosed as blind or partially sighted, your lifelong journey towards enriching his/her knowledge base, meeting the professionals and organisations that can help, and taking helpful administrative steps (like obtaining a Certificate of Visual Impairment and/or … Continue reading

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Tutors and children with special educational needs

Of course it would be ideal if your special needs child got all the teaching they needed at school, but it’s not always the case. Even if your child gets plenty of support and can manage to stay afloat in … Continue reading

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Top Ten: Maths apps and tools to save the blushes of parents and students

Move over Peter Parker, there’s a new superhero in town and this one’s packing more brainpower than Krang himself. The self-styled Human Calculator (AKA Scott Flansburg) graced our screens this morning to promote World Maths Day, express his concern about the way we … Continue reading

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