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Are social gaps widening education gaps further?

So it would seem that education is still rooting itself in the gaps between social groups.  Hardly surprising, we’ve long accepted that the richer you are, the more access to a better education you appear to get. Is it any … Continue reading

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A different perspective on learning – insights from a Home Educator

The educational views of families who’ve been home educating for a long time really challenge our traditional assumptions about education. One parent has been doing so for twenty five years and I had the opportunity to ask her about it. … Continue reading

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Discover a world of learning with our favourite education blogs

The more you delve into the fascinating world of education, the more exciting it becomes – educators across the UK are dreaming up new, creative ways to awaken students to the joys of learning through strategies like student-negotiated learning, critical … Continue reading

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Help your child achieve their maximum potential as a Gifted and Talented pupil

Gifted and talented students often have a tough time in our education system. One parent told me that ‘the biggest challenge is keeping the child inspired and motivated within an educational system that more often than not lets them down’. … Continue reading

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Don’t let special educational needs be a barrier to successful learning

Parents of children with special needs know the importance of collaboration when it comes to education. Regardless of whether their child has visual, auditory or other impairments, from the very beginning, parents will count on advice and care from professionals, … Continue reading

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Help support a deaf child with this handy set of tips

If you have just discovered that your child is deaf or hard of hearing, you can easily feel at a loss as to what steps to take to ensure they have an optimal learning experience. Some 90% of all parents … Continue reading

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Testing times for our children

Some new research and a couple of policy announcements have caught my eye just recently and it’s about time had my tuppence worth on the important issues raised. First off, a new report has found that one in five young … Continue reading

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Counting the cost of graduation day

Over the past few nervy weeks students the length and breadth of the UK have come to the end of an anxious wait as GCSE and A-level results are revealed. Those A-level students achieving the results they needed will, in … Continue reading

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Stay safe online with Tutorhub’s useful set of tips

Staying safe when using the Internet and social networks is a multi-faceted issue that needs to be tackled from various perspectives. Parents and children alike can be vulnerable to a wide variety of risks, including bullying, phishing, theft and exploitation. To keep … Continue reading

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Why Home-School? 5 reasons parents educate out of school.

School is fine when it’s working. Not so great when it isn’t. And it was during the long summer holiday, when we noticed such a difference in our children’s behaviour, we began to suspect it wasn’t working for ours that … Continue reading

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