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Bristol student protest pictures

Courtesy of Josh Keogh.     Contact Josh:

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Education reform and civil unrest, all on one day

On a day in which thousands of students across the country march in protest at swingeing cuts and rising tuition fees, Michael Gove stood up and delivered his white paper on school reform. You can read the full proposal here. Meanwhile, … Continue reading

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Targeting the ‘teachable moment’

“When the timing is right, the ability to learn a particular task will be possible. This is referred to as a ‘teachable moment.’ It is important to keep in mind that unless the time is right, learning will not occur. … Continue reading

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Popular scheme falls victim to the cuts

Pretty sad to hear this week that students’ automatic right to one-to-one tuition has had its funding pulled by the coalition government. In January we blogged about the Institute of London’s initial research into the reading and numeracy programmes which … Continue reading

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Testing times in education

I’m starting to think we’re obsessed with measuring. We measure what’s good for us; we measure what’s bad for us. We measure how many calories are in the foot-long we’re about to devour and we measure our expanding waistlines. We’re about … Continue reading

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Tutorhub featured by BBC

Tutorhub, our new website designed to make finding homework help a darn sight easier, has just been featured on BBC Radio Bristol’s drive-time show. Listen to the Radio Bristol interview by clicking here Spreading the word is always a challenge for … Continue reading

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Micro-tutoring: Chewing the fat

“Micro-tutoring? Whassat then?” Good question. Some debate in the office today over how to pigeonhole a brand new concept. Born out of our frustration with the shortcomings of private tuition, micro-tutoring takes a deliberate step to the side and a huge … Continue reading

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Introducing: Micro-tutoring

Cast your mind back to that time when you’re sat there, struggling with a concept you just don’t get. It could have been percentages, or it could have been reflection/refraction. You’ve reached the point where your brain has started to … Continue reading

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Tutorhub: Making online learning safe

How do I know that online tutoring on Tutorhub is safe and secure? We have all heard about the dangers of our kids chatting and surfing on the internet. Tutorhub was designed with child safety best practice firmly in mind. … Continue reading

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