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Top tips for parents: preparing your son or daughter for University

I’ve never forgotten my very first day at university. The car was packed with all my stuff and we made the long journey from the family home near Bristol to Lincoln where I’d be a nervous yet excited Fresher.  I can … Continue reading

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Parenting classes: where to go to find help

When it comes to parenting, we can sometimes feel at a loss as how to raise, discipline, feed and establish routines for our children, let alone cope with seemingly insurmountable obstacles like baby colic, tantrums and fighting. The good news … Continue reading

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Must do better… what school reports really mean

The school reports have arrived home. There’s always a hushed moment while the child watches as you scanning the thing. Is it good or bad news? Yet, it’s never easy to get the big picture from a quick glance at … Continue reading

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A shy child: When to push and when to protect

It is agonising to watch your child’s lack of confidence holding them back. You can see that they clam up, hang back and generally miss out. Certainly you can persuade (or push even) your reluctant child into social situations and … Continue reading

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