Top Ten: Educational Tools for Tech Savvy Teachers

Having already looked at some of the top educational tools for students on the market, I’ve flipped the classroom and had a gander from the other side of the desk.

Expected to turn up to every lesson and lecture with a firm plan of action, we sometimes forget the amount of behind-the-scenes slog that goes into the working day of our esteemed educators.

I’ve been snooping around for the best tools currently on offer to teachers – if you think I’ve missed any out please don’t hesitate to throw your suggestions my way using the comment box below.

1) Teachers Pay Teachers: Vast marketplace where lesson plans, tests, quizzes, worksheets, white board activities, powerpoints and more are available either for free or for sale. Ok, it’s an American centric tool but there are plenty of great resources right across the curriculum that transcend borders. Got any lesson plans you’re particularly proud of? Upload them to the site and earn an extra bob.

2) Wordle: Generates impressive ‘word clouds’ from any text that you provide – a fantastic and creative resource that works especially well for language teachers. Watch the video for a short demo and get those creative juices flowing.

3) EduBlogs: A great way to get your students blogging in a safe and secure place, EduBlogs is WordPress tailor-made for education. As well as blogs there are tools for posting videos, podcasts and class presentations or weekly newsletters.

4) Pinterest: Increasingly popular site for organising and sharing anything interesting you find on the web, Pinterest can also be integrated into the classroom as a place to collect lesson plans, resources, projects and inspirational materials. With a network of kindred colleagues on Pinterest you can share and browse pinboards until your heart’s content.

5) Planboard: Throw away those cumbersome ring-binders, highlighter pens and sticky labels and make the leap to Planboard, where you can centralise all your lesson plans into one easy to use (honest!) place on the computer. For those that love to plan and ensure a smooth running schedule at all times, this is the tool for you.

6) Popplet: Very user-friendly mindmapping tool for teachers and students alike. Share and collaborate with colleagues or classmates. Simples. Check out the video here

7) GlogsterEDU: Intriguing tool that provides educators and students with the technology to create GLOGS – online multimedia posters incorporating text, videos, sounds, photos, drawings, graphics and tons more. Loads of scope for creating class or individual projects and keeping track of their progress as well.

8) Remind101: Aha! Sweet revenge for all the times you’ve caught students on their mobile phones in class – Remind101 is a free and safe way for teachers to text message students and stay in touch with parents. Nothing’s more embarrassing than a texty from Teach…

9) OpenStudy: Helps get your students working collaboratively on class material using a social learning network where they can ask questions, offer help and connect with other students studying the same things.

10) Quizlet: Study anything from anywhere in the world for free here – uniquely students define what they need to learn and Quizlet provides the tools. There’s a plethora of resources for teachers on the site too, most popular of which is the flashcard tool. Highly recommended.

Thar she blows, my Top Ten Tools for Tech Savvy Teachers comes to an end.

Happy teaching!

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2 Responses to Top Ten: Educational Tools for Tech Savvy Teachers

  1. eonlinetutor says:

    Quite helpful points for the teachers and students as well to make the study easy and interesting. Open study, Educ-blogs and Quiz-let make it easy, poppet are the new technology, which really attract the students nowadays.

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